About Stan


Navigate through Seattle’s complex real estate market and you will quickly discover conditions that require extraordinary skill and experience. Successful results start with swift assessment and strategic execution. Nothing short of lively exchange and communications will do. Our market diversity is even more challenging. These factors combined, set forth conditions where I can provide significant value to your real estate venture.

Listing a residence for sale differs from Buying a residence. The skills required for achieving results with each are very different and are seldom present in the same agent. For those of us who possess them, they’re a result of years’ career and life experience with Risk, Education, Leadership and Transition  – Executive high-tech marketing/sales management: local/international -University of Washington alum, BA Business: Harvard case study team -Seattle pioneer family: passionately familiar with our communities -25 years real estate investment: 'tuned in' to opportunity in Real Estate


Actively Involved in the Community

Kenmore City Planning Commissioner Middle-east World Health Organization project UW alum, Tyee Washington Technology Center, UW Inglewood Golf Club, MOQA (Men of Queen Anne),


My Clients are Special

My clients are accustomed to setting goals and achieving them. They are confident in making decisions and are fact-based, collaborative and value time and resources. Professionally, they are leaders, entrepreneurs and insightful. We connect on these terms and generally exceed our expectations.  They range from 1st time buyers to those now downsizing with dignity.   Feel free to call or contact me if I can be of service to you as well.


What is your advantage working with me?

We get the results we're after. No two transactions are the same so your specific needs, priorities and requirements become the basis for our venture. For some, fact-based communications are preferred with minimal dialogue while for others, it's frequent exchange and update. In any case, we always draft a plan and work it. At no time will you be without the impact you're trying to make or reach. Promise.